Organization and Facilitation Experiences

FLAMEnet Annual Meetings

  • Work with the rest of the steering committee to create meeting schedule, recruit speakers, etc.
  • For in person meetings, handle logistics (e.g., attendee lodging, catering, reimbursement)
  • For distance meetings, create digital environments (e.g., and manage meetings (e.g., Zoom breakout rooms)
  • Create and present workshops and sessions related to FLAMEnet data and resources during the workshop
  • Debrief and follow up with attendees post-meeting

FLAMEnet Community Hours

  • Conceived this biweekly Zoom meeting for community members beginning during the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 to maintain community and offer support. Grew into a hallmark of FLAMEnet’s programming that continues to provide community support while disseminating more structured resources and facilitating discussions on issues related to undergraduate education interesting to all.
  • Schedule meeting times each semester
  • Recruit speakers and curate topics of interest to members and in service of FLAMEnet’s broader goals
  • Manage online meeting space (e.g., Zoom)
  • Disseminate materials to community members before and after meetings

Community College Biology Instructor Network to Support Inquiry into Teaching and Education Scholarship (CC BioINSITES)

  • Create and deliver statistical workshops for community college faculty interested in developing skills in educational research
  • Provide direct research support to community college faculty as they progress through educational research projects
  • Provide statistical mentorship to the CC BioINSITES network at large

Student and Early Career Council (SECC) of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)

  • Planned and facilitated programming at the biennial meetings of SRCD (2017 & 2019) designed to specifically engage and serve early career members
  • Worked with other members of SRCD’s teaching committee to plan and facilitate a pre-conference Teaching Institute (2017)
  • Formed a sub-committee to use interviews of notable developmental scientists created as a part of SRCD’s Oral History Project to create teaching resources for use by the SRCD membership and educators at large

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