Personal Professional Development

  • NIH Building a Resilient Scientist Training Program (May 2021)
    • Topics covered: Resilience & Wellness, Negative Self-Talk, Emotions in the Workplace, Self-advocacy for Scientists, Feedback Resilience, Managing Up
  • Post-doctoral certifications (Emory University School of Medicine and Office of Postdoctoral Education)
    • Leadership Certificate Program (February 2021)
      • Topics covered: Self and Other Awareness, Socioemotional Intelligence, Managing High Performing Teams, Motivation & Performance, Implicit Bias, Negotiating Basics
    • Management Certificate Program (December 2020)
      • Topics covered: Strategic Alignment, Decision Making, Budgeting, Systems & Process Management, Project Management, Innovation & Intre/Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate level teaching and mentoring certificates (University of Alabama at Birmingham Graduate School, in partnership with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL))
    • Certificate in Mentorship and Leadership (Summer 2016)
    • CIRTL Scholar certificate (Spring 2016)
    • CIRTL Practitioner certificate (Fall 2015)
    • CIRTL Associate certificate (Fall 2014)
  • Additional statistics training through Todd Little’s Stats Camp
    • R (Spring 2018)
    • Comprehensive SEM (Spring 2018)
    • Structural Equation Modeling in MPlus (Summer 2015)
  • Additional professional development seminars and workshops
    • How to be Antiracist book club (Summer 2020)
    • Writing a Diversity Statement (Spring 2019)
    • Science Communication for Any Audience (Spring 2018)
    • The College Classroom: Teaching Inclusively (Fall 2017)

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