GRD 716, Developing a Teaching Portfolio

Credentialed Course Instructor, UAB, Spring 2017


This online CIRTL network course welcomed students from several institutions and guided them in developing their own Teaching Portfolio.  Through guided writing exercises and peer feedback, students:

  • created a Philosophy of Teaching
  • considered the role of Diversity and Inclusion in teaching
  • gathered evidence of teaching effectiveness
  • created print and/or online portfolios to showcase their materials

I led the class in two synchronous sessions to discuss the material and present final products and provided asynchronous feedback throughout the semester as students developed different aspects of their final portfolios.  I also added more resources and expanded the module on Diversity and Inclusion.

As someone who has completed all 3 levels of the CIRTL certificate program and continues to be active in the organization, it was a true honor to be asked to teach this course for the CIRTL Network.  I hope my students get as much satisfaction continuing to build and organize their portfolios as I have maintaining this website.

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