Selected Former Mentees

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Jonathan Adams, Ph.D.

National Study Operations Coordinator, Seattle Epidemiologic Research and Information Center;

Ph.D., Lifespan Developmental Psychology, UAB, Spring 2019

Relationship: I recruited Jonathan as an undergraduate research assistant from a nearby private university when he was a junior. He proved to be an adept researcher and an excellent colleague, and I was delighted when he accepted a position in the UAB doctoral program. During his time at UAB, Jonathan continued to distinguish himself in research, eventually succeeding me in my post as lab manager when I graduated. Jonathan also has a true passion for effective teaching. He served as my Graduate TA for Introductory Psychology for several semesters, giving some of the most well received lectures of the semester. I was not at all surprised when he became a successful instructor-of-record for multiple courses in his own right while still a graduate student. Jonathan is currently using his longitudinal study design skills to coordinate a national study investigating factors involved with clinical outcomes among veterans who have contracted COVID-19, and he remains my most trusted pedagogical sounding board.

Feedback: “I am incredibly grateful for Meredith’s guidance during my time as both an undergraduate intern and a graduate student at the UAB Youth Development Lab. Meredith has consistently encouraged both undergraduate and graduate students to take advantage of every opportunity UAB has to offer. Furthermore, she has been instrumental in helping others and myself develop and perform original research. In particular, her guidance in statistics, both in classroom and one-on-one contexts, has proven especially helpful and practical.”

Celine Atkins. M.A.

Graduate Student, Lifespan Developmental Psychology, UAB

Relationship: After learning teaching and mentoring were important to Celine, I introduced her to the teaching certificate programs offered by the UAB Graduate School. Celine served as my Graduate TA for Introductory Psychology and guest lectured on Social Psychology topics. Celine is currently writing her dissertation proposal exploring the potential mediating role of adult attachment style on caregiver stress in older adults. She plans to defend in Summer 2021.

Feedback: “Meredith has been my “Teaching Mentor-Friend” since I entered the Lifespan Developmental Ph.D Program at UAB in the fall semester of 2016. I make the distinction because Meredith has this uncanny way of building professional relationships while maintaining separate social friendships with those very same individuals she mentors… I know that I will be an engaging, courteous, and prepared instructor because of the exemplary efforts set forth by Dr. Henry and her more senior teaching mentee Jonathan Adams. “


Edwin Burgess, Ph.D.

Psychology Instructor, Cleveland Community College;

Ph.D., Lifespan Developmental Psychology, UAB, Summer 2020

Relationship: Edwin joined the research lab I managed when he entered the Developmental Psychology Ph.D. program in Fall 2015. He helped launch a new research project looking at coping in children and adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis. I also served as the supervisor for Edwin’s teaching practicum, which he elected to serve by serving as a Graduate TA and then instructor-of-record for Elementary Statistics at the undergraduate level. Edwin recently successfully proposed his dissertation topic and is the middle of data analyses.

Feedback: “Being my first TA experience, I was pleased with how things went. Despite some hiccups in scheduling (mostly on my end), the course went smoothly. I enjoyed leading review sessions as these let me warm up my teaching muscles a little. I was glad to have the opportunity to lead class. Your advice on bringing examples into the lecture was helpful for this. And when I graded tests, your point guides helped me have a more systematic approach to each question. Beyond that, you gave me some great ideas for how I can approach teaching the course in the fall. I can’t really think of anything that would have made the position better.”

Victoria Hirsch

Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner;

B.A. with Honors, Psychology, UAB, Spring 2016

Relationship: Victoria was one of the first research assistants I mentored throughout the entirety of their undergraduate career. During her time at UAB, Victoria completed several research projects that she presented locally at UAB and at national conferences, and she completed a very sophisticated honors thesis involving structural equation modeling–very impressive statistical skills for an undergraduate. Victoria’s vivacious personality and bright attitude were wonderful assets to the research team when conducting interviews and, after a study abroad trip to India during her junior year, Victoria discovered a passion for Ayurveda, a system of alternative medicine. She attended the Kerala Ayerveda Academy in California and currently works as a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Feedback: “Meredith was one of the most helpful people to me during my entire undergraduate career. She [was] a graduate level student in my research lab and a total statistics wiz. Aside from being advanced in her understanding of statistics, she is very good at explaining it. She helped me to understand the appropriate times to use different analysis and interpret the results. I think most importantly, she did not do everything for me (which would have been easier for her), but rather took the extra time to make sure I understood everything and could make mistakes and learn for myself. She did all of this happily and patiently. A true teacher!”

Christy Thai

Pratt Institute, School of Design

B.A. with Honors, UAB, Spring 2016

Relationship: Christy joins Victoria (above) in spending her entire undergraduate career under my research supervision. Christy was a valuable asset who successfully juggled her research commitments to the Youth Development Lab and another lab on campus. After graduating, Christy volunteered with AmeriCorps to increase mental health literacy and public awareness through Mental Health First Aid and worked with Habitat for Humanity. These experiences led Christy to consider the inefficient layout of many disadvantaged neighborhoods. Combining that with her longtime passion for design, Christy decided to shift careers and is currently enrolled in the School of Design at the Pratt Institute in New York City. Ultimately, Christy hopes to combine her knowledge of psychology with her design skills to improve the often “overlooked spaces” to improve people’s lives.

Feedback: “It has now been about a year since I first joined a research lab and now Meredith is helping myself and another fellow research assistant prepare posters to present in a competition. Even now, she takes time out of her schedule to work with the two of us separately and when I ask her to explain SPSS syntax for the third time in a row, she explains it differently each time, molding the explanation until it fits my understanding. Meredith has been one of the most kind and patient mentors I’ve ever worked with. Because of her, I’m not so afraid of the path I’ve chosen.” –Fall 2014 “As a former research assistant, I have been fortunate and privileged to have had Meredith as a lab leader. Not only has she helped me in conducting and presenting research efficiently but she has also given me invaluable words of wisdom from her own experiences in school and career decisions.” –Summer 2016

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