Pedram Rastegar

In his time at the Youth Development Lab, Pedram was perhaps our most experiencedPedram_3
parent interviewer.  His attention to detail made him an asset to lab management as well.  It was always a pleasure to go into the lab on days after Pedram had run appointments, because I knew that all the “i’s” would have been dotted.  In fact, Pedram often took initiative to give me heads up when supplies were running low or there were other management issues that might need my attention.  While he was initially a little leery of conducting independent research, Pedram proved to be a natural at it.  He has presented posters at national conferences, including the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) and the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD).  Regionally, he participated in UAB’s Ost Undergraduate Research competition and placed 1st at the Alabama Psychological Associations’s Student Poster presentations in 2017.  Pedram graduated from UAB in Spring 2017 and continues to assist with research in the Youth Development Lab while he prepares to apply for admission to Ph.D. programs in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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