Student Feedback for “Mythbusters” project

  • Great project!  It’s original, makes you think, and challenges you in a different manner than a standard paper would.  It also challenges you to learn to work well with others.
  • I really liked the video project.  It was a visual way of learning (which is the way I prefer).  It really helped me better understand the myth my group and I were assigned at the beginning of the semester.  No suggestions!  And I encountered how hard it is to get the whole group together at one time, but we made it work in the end.
  • I [preferred] it to traditional papers and PowerPoint but it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked.  The groups were too large and rarely was everyone able to meet so a select few had to take on the bulk of the project.  I suggest smaller groups and an easier assignment  because it was sort of challenging to try to crack certain myths on film.
  • I liked that we had to get into groups and make a video.  Being in groups made it easy to interact with people in the class.
  • I thought that the Mythbusters video project was a great way to connect with your classmates and have more of a hands on project.  The problem I found with the project was some classmates didn’t want to do anything and it was a struggle to get everyone together due to different schedules.
  • The video project was much preferable over a final paper or PowerPoint presentation.  The video allowed the  students to display what they knew in a fun, interactive way for other students.
  • The video project was a creative way to learn course material.  I would prefer a final paper because my skill set is more suited to writing papers rather than a video, but a video project is a creative way for students to learn course material as a final assignment.
  • I really enjoyed this final project.  It was very “outside the box” kind of creativity and really forced me to expand my knowledge of Psychology.  The only problems I seemed to run into was that I pretty much took over the entire project and had to write the entire screenplay because nobody seemed to want to participate or respond to our messages.
  • Overall, I thought it was a great idea.  I preferred the PowerPoint.  I didn’t encounter any problems with this assignment, my group was very helpful.  I would suggest that we have more time in class to work on group project, because some people have trouble making time after class
  • I really enjoyed this final project.  It made learning the material fun and in a way I will always remember.
  • I really enjoyed this project.  I enjoyed working with others and making a fun video but also getting real factual information to inform my class about.  I learned lots watching the videos of all the  groups and also really enjoyed each of them.
  • I loved the myth buster project gave me an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. [O]nly problem was with scheduling conflicts.
  • I really enjoyed the Mythbuster project.  I did prefer this over a final paper, because I learned more about all of the topics than I would have with a paper, and I gained a lot of team work experience.



The majority of the class seems to approve of the Mythbusters project.  As with all group projects, there were some intra-group conflicts.  However, given that most careers will necessitate working within groups at some points or another, I still feel it is valuable to learn to navigate balancing schedules and delegating tasks within groups.  It is a valid point that the groups could have been smaller for this project.  For future semesters, I am also endeavoring to provide more time for groups to communicate in class and to provide a more detailed grading rubric.

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