PY 101, Introduction to Psychology

Credentialed Course Instructor, UAB (Spring 2016-present)


Student Feedback

Adjunct Instructor, Samford University (August 2014-December 2015)

Enrollment:  35 students to 270 students

Psych 101 is a prerequisite for all other courses in the department, as well as other majors in the health sciences.  It provides a comprehensive overview of the study of human behavior and mental processes.  Topics include:

  • research methods
  • neuroscience
  • sensation and perception
  • learning and cognition
  • lifespan development
  • personality
  • social psychology
  • disorders and treatment

In addition to all other responsibilities of designing and administering the course, a unique challenge of this introductory class is addressing the needs of a diverse body of mostly-freshmen students.  I incorporate team-based learning and structured time management skills to help students learn “How to College” at the same time I am teaching psychology.  I have also revamped the final project both to keep students more engaged and to encourage them to evaluate the sources of information they encounter.  More information about this “Mythbusters” video project can be viewed under the “Teaching Innovations” section of this site.


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