Student Evaluations for PSYC 101

Fall 2014

“Her excitement for the subject translates in her lectures, making them more interesting”

“She loves psychology, which helps the students pay attention”

“She challenged my college studying and helped me realize how much I enjoy psych”

“She is easy to talk to and knows her information well.  She also knows what info will confuse us and has extra resources for us to learn”

“Overall I enjoyed the class and thought it was a good introduction to psychology”

“I enjoyed her style of teaching and thought she was very effective.”

“You can tell how much [she] care[s] about the students and the material”

“[One of her strengths is] explaining things in different ways so people who don’t understand can, instead of just repeating the first definition.”

“I didn’t know I would like Psych this much!”




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