PY 212, Developmental Psychology

Credentialed Course Instructor, UAB (Fall 2017)


Enrollment:  180 students

This course explores change across the lifespan in several domains:

  • social relationships
  • emotional functioning
  • language
  • cognition
  • physical development
  • health
  • personality and sense of self

In addition to learning about the major theories of development, the student comes to understand that the developing person is best understood within an interaction of environment, individual, and cross-cultural factors.

To promote a true lifespan view and avoid spending too much time emphasizing early childhood and adolescence while neglecting later adulthood, I decided to shift this course from a chronological presentation to a topical one.  In addition, as part of my goal to help students “Meet the Magic City,” I introduced a a project involving the Birmingham Museum of Art.

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