PY 214, Elementary Statistics and Design

Credentialed Course Instructor, UAB (Spring 2017)


Student Feedback

Enrollment:  65 students

Our course mascot: Norma, the Normal Distribution!

This is a required course for undergraduate psychology  and nursing majors.  Descriptive and inferential statistics are discussed with an emphasis on applying the same in behavioral science.  Special attention is paid to interpreting results of hypothesis testing as they apply to drawing conclusion regarding a specific hypothesis.  Statistics is often an intimidating class for students.  Unfortunately, they often come into it with a negative expectation that can lead to self-fulfilling prophecy.  I do what I can to make the material engaging by providing fun problem examples and encouraging students to connect material to their real life so that they see the value.  I also provide students with several opportunities for practice, including review sessions, practice problems and exams, etc.  However, I leave choosing to take advantage of these opportunities up to them.  I have had students tell me they would have done better in my class if I had required them to do homework problem.  Perhaps that is true.  But I am concerned with what will help them do better long after they have been in my class.  Finally, I created a summary decision tree to help students decide which analysis is most appropriate given a certain set of circumstances, which was our major “real world” job skill goal of the semester.

Stats decision tree


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