Before we begin discussing each chapter or unit in class, students tweet me a response to the readings for that subject. This response must convey their understanding of the topic and also make some real-world connection. The goal of this activity is to ensure that students come to class prepared with basic content knowledge so that we can use class time to engage with material at a deeper level and to give students practice with applying what they are learning.

I also post important information, real life observations relevant to courses, and study hints to this account from time to time as part of maintaining good rapport with students. And, for one extra credit option, students may create a parody account related to an individual or topic covered in class over the semester.

Example of a @DearDoctorH tweet that would receive no credit — no specific content or application
Example of a @DearDoctorH tweet that would receive half credit — basic summary of content, but no application
Example of a @DearDoctorH tweet that would receive full credit — demonstrates content knowledge & makes “real world” application
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